AWR Capital | Brand Identity, Website & Motion Graphic
AWR Capital is a crypto-only hedge fund with a key differentiator. As ex-Goldman Sachs bankers, the founders all come from a traditional banking background – in contrast with many crypto funds that are managed by people with little financial experience. They needed a corporate identity that accurately reflected the merging of these two financial worlds. Think exciting, cutting-edge technology with the gravitas of traditional banking. We developed a logo inspired by the concept of a labyrinth. Because while investing in cryptocurrencies could feel like walking through a maze, AWR Capital brings experience and credibility, guiding clients to the centre where their investments are protected and optimal for growth.
AWR Capital’s motion graphic adds an engaging element to their brand narrative. Appearing as a continuous loop on their website, the sequence illustrates their link to the blockchain (their offering being a crypto hedge fund). The story ends with their logo – a series of concentric hexagons that represent a labyrinth – showing how AWR Capital leads investors on the path to success.
Clean and simple yet striking with a deep blue and black colour palette. AWR Capital’s website perfectly captures the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance.

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